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  • Sunshine for an average of 326 days per year
  • A safe place to leave with very low crime rate
  • Low taxation
  • High quality of life
  • Low cost of living
  • Relaxed pace of life
  • Cypriot people are very friendly and warm
  • Almost everyone in Cyprus speaks English
  • Similar legal system with United Kingdom
  • Cyprus is part of European Union

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By buying a property in Cyprus you can get a permanent residency permit or a Cyprus Passport

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Tips For And Reasons To Buy Property In Cyprus.

Cyprus has been one of the best holiday destinations for a very long time. It is a beautiful place with great sights and amazing plantation. It is an ideal place to buy property. If you are looking to buy a holiday home, then look no further. Here are some reasons why you should buy property on Cyprus.

Low Prices.
As much as it is a well-known tourist destination, most of the property on this place is not very expensive. That means you can acquire a great piece of property if you save some money.

Low Crime Rate.
The place has very few crimes, so your property will not be prone to theft or any other types of crime. Apart from that, it has a very stable government, so you will not be at risk of finding your property destroyed due to political unrest. Each time you want to enjoy a quiet holiday, you can always relax here.

Good Weather.
Most of the time, the weather in Cyprus is sunny. As such,it makes for a great getaway if you ever feel that the weather around you is getting too cold. The weather is also perfect for growing island fruits and vegetation. This means you can enjoy Mediterranean climate as well as the sweet fruit.

Good Education System.
If you are ever considering relocating, this could be a great place to school your kids. The place offers several curricular and your child will not lack for a decent education.

Low Cost Of Living.
The economic situation in Cyprus is good. This results to a low cost of living. That means that you will not feel like you are straining to maintain your property. You can take care of it without any major financial problems.

With all these reasons, who wouldn’t want to buy property in Cyprus?

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